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Hopefully by now you have had a chance to experience the unique and wonderful flavors of Old Faithful Blend and Buffalo Blend Seasonings!

Old Faithful Blend has been a "family secret" recipe passed down by my family for five generations (see History). This all-purpose seasoning is wonderful on just about anything, including chicken, beef, fish, eggs, potatoes and vegetables! Be sure to use it when grilling or on camp-outs! Kids who hate to eat vegetables will love their vegetables with Old Faithful sprinkled on top!

Buffalo Blend is also an original "family secret" that has been enhanced with Chipotle pepper for a robust, spicy and smoky flavor. This seasoning is best served in chili, stews, beef, in Mexican dishes and just about anything that needs that extra zest!

We have experienced such great feedback from our customers and are pleased to see more and more specialty grocery stores and gift shops in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana carrying our seasonings. For a list of retail locations near you, click here. If you would like to order directly from us using our secure store, please order here.

We would love to post your favorite recipe using the blends, or just send us your comments on your favorite dish. Feel free to contact us.




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