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Pauline Chaney, my Great Grandmother, first developed Yellowstone Seasoning in the early 1900's. Pauline, known as Grandma to all, was determined to " spice up" the brick oven roasted beef used at the annual BBQ in her small Idaho mining town.

Inspired by the robust atmosphere the miners and cowboys brought to the town, Grandma created a blend of 15 natural herbs and spices to use on the BBQ'd beef, and it was an instant success. The seasoning became a staple of the annual BBQ, and soon Grandma was blending the seasoning for friends and family and for all occasions.

This "family secret" recipe has been passed down through five generations and has been treasured within my family. Over the years, Grandma's spice has been used at countless family gatherings, BBQs, holidays and on every camping trip. It is with great pleasure I now offer Yellowstone Seasoning so everyone can enjoy the flavor of the West, wherever you live.

Nicole Badrov
Great Grandaughter
Yellowstone Seasoning


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